A German startup is developing a vegan egg from beans. Is it better than chicken eggs?


Berlin-based food technology company Perfeggt has developed a vegan egg – and it just might be better than chicken eggs. The plant-based liquid alternative is formulated with beans and other plant proteins and fats and can be fried in a pan like traditional scrambled eggs or an omelet. Perfeggt’s first product will be launched in early 2022 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, followed by further expansion in Europe.

“With Perfeggt, we offer a real alternative to one of the most popular animal proteins in the world,” Tanja Bogumil, CEO of Perfeggt, said in a statement. “We are more than convinced that it is time to rethink the egg as part of our daily diet with plant protein and data-driven technology.”

Perfeggt believes that the market for egg alternatives remains untapped, especially when compared to other areas of vegan products such as oat milk and plant-based meats. More than 1,300 billion eggs are eaten each year worldwide, including 110 billion eggs consumed in Europe alone. Perfeggt aims to take advantage of this huge growth potential with their Liquid Vegan Egg. But he also knows that it is difficult to perfect the traditional characteristics of an egg.

“We understand that taste and texture are essential. That’s why we laser-focus on the combination of the right proteins and plant-derived fats that allow us to replicate the extremely complex, multifunctional and polyvalent characteristics of an egg and its indistinguishable taste, ”said Bernd Becker, Managing Director of Perfeggt’s products, in a press release.

At Perfeggt, Becker is responsible for creating an herbal egg that tastes, looks and feels like a chicken egg. Becker was previously head of R&D for Rügenwalder Mühle, the German market leader in vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes.

Last month, Perfeggt successfully closed its first round of funding of more than $ 2.8 million in support of its chicken-free egg product. Funders include leading agribusiness investors from around the world such as EVIG Group, Stray Dog Capital, E²JDJ, Tet Ventures, Good Seed Ventures, Sustainable Food Ventures and Shio Capital, some of whom are leading investors in global companies such than the vegan meat brand Beyond Meat. and the plant-based seafood company Good Catch. VegNews.EatJustVeganEgg4

What’s in a vegan egg?

Other companies around the world have worked to create alternatives to eggs using plant protein, without the need to exploit animals. In 2017, vegan company Eat Just unveiled their JUST egg made from mung beans on a restaurant menu in San Francisco, California. Now, JUST Egg can be found just about anywhere, from the breakfast menu at Marriott-owned Aloft hotels in the United States to street stalls in China. In the retail sector, JUST Egg is distributed to 24,000 points of sale and is currently growing even more across Europe and beyond.

Nabati Foods of Canada makes their Plant Eggz using a patent pending process from an unusual legume. Vegan Egg Substitute is made with lupine beans and pea protein, and unlike many other vegan eggs on the market, it is soy and gluten free.VegNews.FloatFoodsEufs

In Singapore, Float Foods recreates eggs from a combination of legumes. The startup’s OnlyEg, which will debut in commerce next year, is a whole vegan egg that includes both a yolk and a white that can be used in place of chicken eggs in a variety of dishes.

And taking a completely different technological path, earlier this year EVERY Company launched the world’s first animal-free egg whites. Made using precision fermentation technology, the startup’s flagship product, ClearEgg, is the first in a line of animal-free egg products that work as a light-colored protein boost in products such as nutritional drinks, foods or supplements. Precision fermentation involves inserting a DNA sequence that would be found in egg protein in yeast. The yeast is then fed with sugar which it transforms into protein. The end result is an egg-like protein, free of sugar and GMOs, and made without exploiting a single animal.

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Photo credit: Perfeggt / Patrycia Lukaszewicz

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