Aruba Fishing Charters – Deep Sea Tours & Sport Fishing Tour


Join local fishing crews in waters five to seven miles offshore to catch fish such as mahi-mahi, bonito, sea bream, amberjack, black and yellowfin tuna, barracuda, sailfish, trevally, blue marlin and shark. Grab yours and make sure to strike a pose in the harbor with your unique take.

You may have noticed that there are many seafood products on the menus of our local restaurants. Deep sea fishing in Aruba is a very popular pastime, and it is very likely that the “catch of the day” you ate for dinner was fished this way. Visitors can also enjoy the adventurous experience of fishing in Aruba for themselves. Many Aruba fishing charters will offer tours that make deep sea fishing easy and even provide tips for fly fishing in Aruba.

Bottom fishing is done in shallower water (100 to 300 feet deep) with the engine off, drifting over places known to have concentrations of fish such as snappers, groupers, triggerfish and squirrels.

Today, there are approximately 120 active full-time fishermen in Aruba. The Fundacion Centro di Pesca Hadicurari, nestled between Moomba Beach and Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club in Palm Beach, is a gathering place for anglers and their families. You can join for a local bite and drinks, but it’s also dedicated to preserving Aruban fishing tradition, trying to balance it with modern methods.


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