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Baja Summer Sportfishing – Baja Bytes Fishing Report

Summer sport fishing in Baja is in full swing! The North Sea of ​​Cortez exploded with reports of sea bream from BOLA down; striped marlin appears outside Gonzaga to the tip, and a few large tunas and sea bream appear in Banks of Loreto, La Paz, Cerralvo and Gordo.

That Pasa

As the tournaments continue this week, all eyes will be on the Bisbee East Cape Offshore tournament organized at Buenavista Beach Resort Hotel. Focusing on black and blue marlin, there is also a Gamefish category for sea bream and yellowfin tuna. Registrations are made on Tuesday with fishing for the following three days.

This Baja Guy-Gary Graham

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Tijuana Arena
There is still a chance to catch amberjack and barracuda just outside the arenas. Boats working in the Rapalas trolling area catch a few. The other option is calico bass in kelp.

Coronado Islands
Yellowtail flounder and skipjack can be found along the weather side of the North Island. (Watch for bird schools and sonar brands). From Ribbon Kelp to Flagship Kelp to Southern Kelp and 5 Minute Kelp, there is Amberjack, Skipjack and Barracuda, and even a chance to get a Class 20 Pound Bluefin Tuna.

There have been reports of breeze jaundice again recently west of SKR. Some boats have also found a better quality of yellows on the kelp just west of the islands. See the offshore section for more details on this.

The great history of Mexican waters is the amberjack of the kelp rice fields. It looks like there is a volume of fish growing upward and spreading over a wide area from the Coronado Canyon down inside the Hidden Bank – probably further than that too.

Perhaps the biggest news of all is that A LOT of these yolks are quality fish – from 18 to 30 pounds! Only about 20 to 30 percent are smaller quality fish, 8 to 12 pounds, and these are mainly the fish further south.

It’s not all yellow tailed either. Some kelp have some Baja dorado on them.

Very few signs of tuna. No bluefin tuna and just a 10-20 pound yellowfin sample.

A good yellowtail, bonito and barracuda fishing takes place in the bay under the birds along the leeward side of Todos Santos Island and they bite the jigs well. There are a lot of rockfish and a few ling at the San Miguel Reef.

San Quintin

I’m still waiting for the summer peak to appear.

Meanwhile, local fishermen and visitors are scoring good-sized halibut in the bay, while off the island the calico bass action has been formidable. There was also excellent bottom fishing for reds, ling and other species.

Ascent of Bahia

The shore halibut just left here in Asuncion. …Ross Zoerhof

Cedros Island

The big yolks bit the surface iron and stickbait very well at the north and south ends of the island.

Some boats headed for Benitos where the water was a perfect blue offshore, and the yellows were up and boiling. Also, there was a dorado breeze that passed every now and then.

Calico bar bite on the three islands, Cedros, Benitos, and Nativity, is world class with up to 50 five to seven pound fish per rod the standard.

White bass have made an appearance in several places around the island and a handful of fish have recently been caught on live mackerel and swim bait.

Not yet yellowfin …Cedros tackle
Madeleine Bay
Pending report

Bahia de Los Angeles

Summer sport fishing has finally arrived. Yellowtail flounder up to 30 pounds bites at the surface and deeper into the water column. The water is warm and with almost slippery conditions, ideal for targeting the newly arrived sea bream in large numbers. While there are smaller ones as well, reports of catches at 25 pounds are not uncommon. The weather is warm with no wind and the sea is beautiful and flat.



No big changes to the fishing scene this way, although large-scale search efforts to locate the “sea bream hole” have resulted in an increase in marlin numbers.

Moving this sentence a bit would also clarify the situation. We have had clients who wanted marlin on the end of their lines but only encountered dorado (after a long day in the overcast sky).

Lots of looking and patchy results on the catch. Offshore streamlines and convergences are targeted for bills and larger sea breams, but many boats paint the closest spots around

Coronado and La Cholla.

The striped marlin weighs around 100 pounds, the larger sea bream averages 20 pounds, and yellowtail flounder is caught up north at Pulpito.

Lots of sardines and they seem to get the best results for sea bream. The most successful trailed feathers are the small and medium blue / white versions.

Hot and humid with overcast skies the whole week and “overcast skies” was used as a factor for the low number of sea bream. It might be fairer to say “where the dodos bit yesterday may not be the place to find them today”.

Too many boats stick to this strategy! It’s fishing in Baja!… Rick Hill

summer sport fishing

65-pound bull …Charters of the outposts

La Paz

MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT by Tailhunter Sportfishing for the week of July 22 to 29, 2018

Cape East

Scorpion Sportfishing ft. El Regalo East Cape Report July 29, 2018
baja summer sport fishingIt’s been a busy week for us at Scorpion Sportfishing with El Régalo and Scorpion go out almost every day. Fortunately the fishing was great! Trophy-sized roosters competed across the Eastern Cape. There was monster snapper (aka freighter) pulled.

The action was fast and furious on the shores to the south for a mixed bag of wahoo, sea bream and tuna. In fact, on Saturday, Scorpion landed 8 tuna, 3 sea bream and a wahoo. Talk about having fun and eating! Striped marlin continued to be captured with more blue marlin entering the mix just in time for East Cape Bisbee’s. The epic 2018 season continues on the Eastern Cape and shows only signs of improvement. Visit to have fun!… Scorpion Sportfishing-Matt Clifton

HUGE PARGO! … Local “handline” specialist Noe (pictured left), with some fantastic catches this week off the quayside at Van Wormer Resorts Palmas De Cortez! First there was a 50-pound pargo, then a 65-pound, all on a “hand-line” configuration. WOW!

summer sport fishingThis summer sport fishing season in the Eastern Cape has been one of the best in recent memory. Marlin, swordfish, yellowfin, sea bream, wahoo, amberjack, rooster and other coastal species are on fire! … And now the HUGE pargos are biting on the quay! What a great season! …Resorts in Van Wormer

Puerto Los Cabos

summer sport fishing
We also fished with my buddy Carlos “Sharluko” Peralata gordo banks in Cabo, we were the last boat on the water and it paid off. We had various little yellowfin tunas and the cake topping went to my client Cameron Rey from San Fran with this beauty… Joseph Zaragoza

Finding live sardines has become more difficult. Some days there were hardly any, other days there was enough food. The caballito was readily available, although some mornings the bait moved into the net area later than dawn. There were still options of mullet as bait; these seem to work best for roosters, which are always in the area, although it is now late in the season for these hunting fish.

Some fishermen are starting to use squid strips to target yellowfin; bought in local supermarkets, it becomes another option at this time of year when sardines become much rarer.

Targeting yellowfin seemed to be the most productive option. The main center of activity has been the Gordo Banks to the Iman Bank. A good number of football-sized tuna roamed the two fields, ranging from a few pounds to around 15 pounds, mixed with black skipjack and eastern Pacific skipjack. The best chance of hanging on to a higher quality yellowfin was near Iman’s Bank. Every day, a handful of 50 to 70 pound tunas are caught. These fish were finicky. A few much larger yellowfin were seen and even hooked, but were lost due to prolonged battles with lighter-than-ideal tackle as the tunas hit the lighter line more easily.

After seeing a fair number of smaller sea bream this week, there were far fewer of them. The best chance of getting a bigger bream seemed to be further offshore, where charters were targeting billfish. The action of the marlin was limited, although a few blue marlins in the 200-pound class were included; also a few striped marlins at the end of the season and a few sailboats.…Eric Brictson

Cape San Lucas
baja summer sport fishingSinner Cameron Blair and his crew show off their 43-pound sea bream caught on board Yahoo.

Figures at a glance: billfish 29%, tuna 68%, sea bream 30%, other species 6%.

Another spectacular week of summer sport fishing here in Cabo, with 60 Pisces boats this week fishing for fish.
Cabo’s 96% catch success rates have been a lot of fun, especially when the catches range from BIG mahi to HUGE tuna and gorgeous blue striped marlin. Other fish in the mix have been good sized roosters, jack crevalle, and red snapper, among others.

SITE: Miles south of Lands’ End and 1150 Spot, 95 Spot and 130 Spot.

WEATHER SITUATION: Choppy water and wind; a few days calm start until noon.


BEST LURES: Cedar plugs and feather lures, pink lures, various colored lures (yellow, green, orange), caballito baits.

Continental Mexico
baja summer sport fishing

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