Baked beans: Woman shares the “only way” to cook baked beans and divides the Internet



Baked beans are a popular British food, usually eaten with toast. There are different ways of making beans, and one person started a debate on how best to cook them.

Speaking to the Casual UK Subreddit page, a British woman posted a photo of her beans along with a caption that has divided the social platform.

Some Reddit users agreed with his way of cooking beans, while others seemed disgusted.

The user, whose Reddit name is do_the_rawr, wrote, “Who likes their overrated beans? (* Cheese imminent). ”

The Redditor’s photo showed overcooked, sticky beans on toast.

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Some Redditors have revealed that “sticky beans” are prepared in a frying pan, instead of a saucepan.

This way you can also add bacon to the mixture.

Absolewtely wrote: “Pan-frying bacon beans is a game-changer. “

Reddit user [deleted] OK. They said, “Must be daddy’s thing, the frying pan is the only way my old man ever baked beans.”

TonyFawntanaa simply commented, “I fry them in the pan.”

Another Redditor, SwimmingInCircles, shared his favorite way to bake baked beans. They said, “Make sure the beans are piping hot, then put the cheese on it, delicious.”

Serencalon added: “Frying pan. Pat of butter. Sizzle. Add beans. Reduce (a lot), pepper. To serve. Drool.”

Born_Transition2207 wrote: “Soft beans are the best. You don’t need to chase them floating in the sauce and they don’t make toast soggy.

Barneyirl said: “Finally someone who cooks beans the way beans should be cooked. Tired of seeing bean soup here.

Other Redditors disagreed with the original post and had other ideas, while some were grateful for the post and couldn’t wait to try the method themselves.

Berusplants commented: “I like them too much but maybe not that much. My particular heresy is that I love a teaspoon of Gochujang in them.

Kentishgent wrote: “Mashed beans! Bad in my eyes.

FundTrain commented: “Dirt !!

Nod_Bow_Indeed commented: “It’s just criminal.”

However, sam381 wrote: “You are an animal, but at the same time I want to try it.”

Notonthenews added, “I’ll try this. Thanks for the advice.”



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