Fishing charters hit hard by rising fuel prices


NIANTIC, CT (WFSB) — If you’re rolling your eyes and biting your tongue while fueling up your vehicle, wear a captain’s hat on a fishing charter.

They talk about thousands of dollars to fill up, not a hundred.

Boat owners know the pain at the pump.

but higher gasoline prices are keeping many fishermen away.

“Like today we went out with 25 people where we normally go out with 50, maybe 55. What can you do, you have to go,” captain Greg Dubrule said.

The Sunbeam 7 was chartered Tuesday with a group from Massachusetts. Captain Bob had his guests fish locally, a few miles from Niantic.

It will pump out 271 gallons of diesel after the trip, costing it nearly $1,890 in fuel alone, not including crew and fees.

Adding a fuel surcharge to each customer could be the next step in this charter.

“We are delaying his arrival. I just pray he goes down and doesn’t show it,” said Captain Robert Wadsworth of Sunbeam Fleet.

The captain said they go out twice a day in the early morning and late afternoon.

If there are not enough customers showing up for the early morning fishing trip due to high fuel prices, they will have to double down and ask them to join the afternoon trip.

Rising fuel prices impact charter fishing


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