Food company launches processed beans


An agri-allied company, Tiger Foods Nigeria, has launched processed and packaged beans as its latest food product.

The brand, known for producing spices and seasonings, announced its new product in a press release made available to The punch Thursday.

The newly introduced product is processed, sorted and packed without sand, stone and insecticide residues.

They are available in packs of 500g, 1kg and 4kg.

Speaking on the new product, Tiger Foods Nigeria’s Manaing D

“Three years ago we had a visitor from the United States of America who came to buy us dried onions and shallots. After touring our facilities, he was impressed with our modern equipment and the food processing knowledge we shared with him. He left us a big request: beans,” said Mr. Don, . “His main problems with the beans he sources from Nigeria were stones and insecticide residue. He wanted us to package beans that will stand up to the American Food & Drug Agency test. »

By introducing this product, Tiger Foods is tackling what for decades has been a major challenge with selling beans locally and exporting them. To celebrate the product launch, Tiger Farms Limited, a subsidiary of Tiger Foods, is offering customers 5,000 free packs of Tiger Beans. They noted that it was their way of thanking customers and the public for believing in their products. Their social media pages have information on specific locations and offices where you can go to pick up a free pack.

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