General and sport fishing licenses for salmon now available online


Anglers in Nova Scotia can now purchase their general sport fishing and salmon sport fishing licenses online.

“Sport fishing is a popular pastime and thousands of licenses are sold each year,” Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell said. “We are modernizing the purchase and delivery of general fishing licenses, as well as salmon licenses.

License applications are available at:

Anglers can continue to purchase sport fishing licenses in person at one of more than 200 vendors across the province. A list of private providers can be found at

Disabled anglers wishing to apply for a fishing license, free of charge, and anglers wishing to replace a lost license, for a fee of $ 5.00, plus HST, can only do so at the district offices of the Department of Lands and Land. Forests. A list of offices can be found at

“The electronic licensing system will provide great flexibility to everyone involved in sport fishing. People who decide to go on a last minute fishing adventure will be able to do so and get a license whenever they want. “
– Mike Pollard, President, Nova Scotia Fishers and Hunters Federation

Fast facts:
– last year, more than 67,000 people participated in sport fishing, making it one of the most popular outdoor sports in the province
– sport fishing contributes approximately $ 66 million to the Nova Scotia economy each year

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