Historic concerns were raised about Enchanter Fishing Charters, but the skipper had an “excellent understanding” of emergency procedures.


An earlier audit in 2018 noted that Goodhew had an “excellent understanding” of shipboard emergency drills. One of the company’s ships was involved in the helicopter medical evacuation of a patient the same year.

The Enchanter was on a five-day voyage to the Isles of the Three Kings north of Cape Reinga in March when she sank in a storm.

Five of those on board were rescued, including Goodhew and senior deckhand Kobe O’Neill. Five others died – Cambridge men Richard Bright, 63, Mike Lovett, 72, Geoffrey Allen, 72, Mark Walker, 41 and Mark Sanders, 43, of Te Awamutu.

New Zealand maritime documents show the Enchanter was involved in a near-miss with another vessel in 2017, although the incident did not require an official investigation.

“After the alleged incident, we spoke to both skippers, and in this case we took an educational approach,” a spokesperson said.

Agency says it reminded skippers of collision avoidance rules

In 2019, a complaint was filed regarding the consumption of alcohol on board the multiple chartered vessels, including Enchanter. A health and safety inspection was carried out according to Maritime New Zealand but “no concerns were identified” and no further action was taken. Newshub understands that the drinking complaint did not involve or concern Goodhew.

In June 2017, a so-called ‘Notice of Non-Compliance’ warning was issued to L and M Goodhew Ltd due to the lack of maintenance plans for their vessels. Again, no action was taken when the records were updated and provided to Maritime New Zealand.

In a more historic incident, Lance Goodhew was fined in August 2009 for operating outside safe operating limits.

Goodhew established Enchanter Fishing Charters in 1995 and is a qualified offshore master.


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