How Coffee Beers Get Their Distinct Taste Without the Beans


Much like roasters making a batch of beans, coffee beer is created in many ways. Many brewers literally add coffee grounds directly to the bean as it ferments, according to Fresh Coffee House. Some brewers even add espresso, per Coffee Affection. According to Black Rifle Coffee Company, many coffee beers achieve that classic coffee taste without any beans by mimicking the signature flavor notes of most coffee blends. Brewmasters infuse the cereal with ingredients like chocolate or chicory during the roasting process, which mimics the flavor profile of your morning cuppa joe.

Other brewers infuse beer with a cold brew, the same way roasters do the real thing. Unlike the hot drip you would do in your coffee maker, cold brew uses a higher concentration of grounds per steep water, per North Star Roast. When translating this process into brewing beer, the only difference is that the steeping water is replaced with alcohol. To do this, brewers infuse the coffee grounds into the alcohol for 1-2 days, then strain the saturated alcohol and add it to the beer, via Eldorado Coffee Roasters. Not only does this minimize excess water content, but it also creates a more concentrated coffee flavor, just like in a cold brew. Whichever way you choose to brew, you’re sure to have a bite of coffee beer that works as hard as you do around the clock.


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