Jelly Bean supplement, powerful antioxidant and probiotic booster


Nature’s Bounty, a Nestlé Health Science company, has announced the launch of its new line of jelly bean vitamins that meet a variety of wellness needs.

The new vitamins are available in six varieties: “Daily immune support” with vitamins C, D and zinc; “Sleep” based on melatonin; “Multi”, based on selected essential vitamins and zinc; “Energy” with vitamin B12; “Kids Multi” with 10 essential vitamins and minerals; and ‘Children

Immune ‘, containing vitamins C, D and zinc. All are vegetarians, contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and do not contain gelatin.

“Consumers are prioritizing personal care and wellness more than ever, and taking vitamins and supplements is one of the ways consumers support their health. Nature’s Bounty is committed to creating nutritional supplements that promote overall health and make wellness routines more enjoyable ”, said Aileen Stocks, President of Wellness Brands, The Bountiful Company.

“With a rich history in space, we are no strangers to innovation and are delighted to offer this new range of Bean Jelly Vitamins that live up to our commitment and show that the future of wellness can to have good taste. “Have

“Powerful” antioxidant

Flavox Italia, producer and distributor of citrus fruit derivatives with a focus on antioxidant ingredients, has launched an “extremely potent” antioxidant ingredient named Flavox.
Very rich in Eriocitrin, the main flavones of lemons, and in anthocyanins and hydrocynammic acids of blood oranges, the ingredient can be mixed with any liquid or solid matrix to create a final product with high values ​​of capacity of. radical oxygen absorption (ORAC) (ranging from 600,000 to 900,000 mol of trolox equivalents / 100 g).

In fact, the company claims that this ingredient ranks fourth in the classification of over 3,100 foods in The Antioxidant Food Table, Carlsen, 2010 and on the Superfoodly website.

Dr Domenico Marchese, Managing Director, says: HaveFlavox represents one of the most effective tools against free radicals, because it is very rich in Eriocitrin, the main flavones of lemons, in anthocyanins and hydrocynammic acids of Sicilian blood oranges – A modern and very powerful Holly Alliance.Have

“Flavox has many evidence-based properties. It protects the body from excessive production of reactive oxygen species and reduces inflammatory markers. It is helpful in lowering serum glucose levels and plasma lipids. protects vascular and neuronal functions. It can also be used in thematic products as a potent antimicrobial. “Have

Improve the effectiveness of probiotics

Nuwen, the French manufacturer of natural and sustainable ingredients, has launched “Algalithe P”, an ingredient designed to improve the effectiveness of probiotics.

“Algalithe P” is an overdried mixture of two ingredients; Lithothamnion, a calcified red algae known for its anti-acid properties, and pregelatinized corn starch, an excipient used in probiotic formulations.
The company claims that their innovative ingredient can enhance the effectiveness of probiotic formulations through its enteric-coated properties, allowing the probiotic to maintain cellular integrity and viability until it reaches the target site of action. , and low water activity (Aw) thus maximizing survival. strains throughout the shelf life of the finished product.
The high calcium content of lithothamnion also allows Algalithe P to access various claims: “source of calcium”, “rich in calcium” and “reduced risk of disease”.


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