Line Readye tops the PWD Sportfishing Challenge 2022 tournament | Sports


The boat commanded by Chris Reid Line ready was in scintillating form over the two days and came away as champion of the PWD 2022 Sportfishing Challenge tournament at Portland Cottage in Clarendon this weekend.

Line ready amassed a total of 652.50 points over two days to be crowned overall champion and take home the top prize of $300,000. ‘Wassy’ was a distant second after amassing 239.15, with Reel Music in third after their combined total of 195.95.

Reid and his ship dominated the proceedings from the start, racking up 62 pounds of mutton snapper on opening day, then continuing with another 75 pounds on day two.

With the snapper sporting heavy spikes, Reid took advantage of the conditions to claim top honors.

“Historically this has been a mutton snapper tournament and has been skewed over the years for inshore boats. When I saw the conditions with the wind and seaweed I decided I was not going the trolling everything, so I went straight to the snappers, and it worked out well,” Reid said.

heaviest snapper

It’s no surprise that Reid and his team also won the $50,000 prize by walking away with the heaviest snapper, which weighed in at 11.9 pounds. Boat 2 Kantankerous claimed the other prize of $50,000 for the heaviest barracuda, which weighed 15.7 pounds.

Tournament organizer Gregory Mair said the fishing was back on after the success of the event.

“The tournament went very well, with no accidents, and the anglers loved it. It only took us four weeks to stage the event after the government announced the easing of COVID-19 constraints, and overall we will be looking to expand our capacity to accommodate more boats for a bigger tournament. big and better next year,” says Maire.


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