Merge Mansion Spring Event 2022, get Candy Lolly Bean


In our Merge Mansion Spring Event 2022, get Candy Lolly Bean guide, we are going to cover several relevant details about the current event. First, we’ll show you how to participate in the event, then how to get the Candy Lolly Bean, of which you will need a certain number. Finally, we’ll give you a list of all the rewards you can earn. So let’s get started!

Merge Mansion Spring Event 2022, get Candy Lolly Bean

How to Participate in the Merge Mansion 2022 Spring Break Event

To participate in the 2022 Merge Mansion Spring Holiday event, you must first be level 12 or higher. If not, you better get started quickly, because you only have until April 27 before the event ends. Not that the game lets you do anything quickly without dropping extra money, which I would strongly advise against doing, but whatever. Once you are at level 12, you must go to your garage and find the spring door, through which you can access the event. You may need to complete the first task on the event board before the door appears. You can also just tap the event button in the main screen.

How to get Candy Lolly Bean in Merge Mansion

To get the Candy Lolly Bean in Merge Mansion for the Spring Break 2022 event, you’ll need Seed Packets. This is the third level of the seed packet. When opened, seed packets drop a Cherry Seed, a Spring Flower Seed, and a Candy Lolly Bean, each of them level 1. Keep in mind that you will need quite a few Candy Lolly Beans during the event, since you are going to need it to unlock several tasks. This includes Tier 2 and Tier 3 Candy Lollies. As an added nuisance, these items seem to have exactly no use outside of the event.

Merge Mansion Spring Event Rewards

The rewards you will get in the Merge Mansion Spring Holiday 2022 event are entirely dependent on how many Spring Holiday Points you earn. You see, each task you complete in the event rewards you with a certain number of these points. Main tasks usually drop one, while secondary tasks can grant you three or five, maybe more. There are twenty levels of rewards to unlock, and here is a list of them.

  1. 250 pieces
  2. 5 minutes of unlimited energy
  3. 500 pieces
  4. 5 minutes of unlimited energy
  5. 750 pieces
  6. Ursula’s credit card
  7. Level 1 Booster Box
  8. Scissors
  9. Level 1 Fancy Blue Chest
  10. Level 4 Huge Time Jump Booster
  11. Level 2 Booster Box
  12. 10 minutes of unlimited energy
  13. Level 1 Fancy Blue Chest
  14. Scissors
  15. Level 5 Colossal Time Skip Booster
  16. Ursula’s credit card
  17. Level 3 Booster Box
  18. Boulton Lightning Map
  19. 50 gems
  20. cherry tree decoration

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