Perfect BBQ topped with Macaroni, Beans, Pulled Pork and Potato Salad | Texas food truck makes the buzz



The bright purple food truck belongs to veterans near Randolph Air Force Base.

SCHERTZ, Texas – A Midwestern style barbecue smoked with love – this is something you will find at The barbecue of the purple pig.

“We’re not a traditional Texas barbecue. My wife and I are from the Midwest. It’s basically a different style,” said co-owner Demetric Herron. “We use pecan wood versus traditional oak or mesquite here in Texas. Our barbecue sauce is different. We have a little vinegar in there, a little different taste.”

Herron served in the Army and his wife, part owner Cherise, served in the Air Force. So, opening the truck at 537 Main Street near Randolph Air Force Base meant they could serve the community and meet the needs of those who wear the uniform.

“It’s pretty cool giving back to them too. We want to make sure our food is perfect, A-1, when we serve our guys,” Herron said.

The food truck has grown so much that they are opening their first brick and mortar store.

“We took a leap of faith and we started doing little events and things like that. Then it just grew, really,” Herron said.

Their success is behind their hospitality, and of course, the food.

“Basically it’s barbecue in a mug. You walk around with it. From the bottom to the top, there are baked beans, baked macaroni and cheese, pulled pork, barbecue sauce, topped with potato salad, ”Herron said. “We pick it up like a sundae. “

“Our famous brisket nachos – it’s nacho chips, nacho cheese with our smoked brisket topped with jalapenos in our house barbecue sauce as well,” Herron said.

“What we’re known for in the Midwest – our short ribs. The tip of the rim – we use it and we cut it into little pieces and smother it in a barbecue sauce,” Herron said.

We have to try it, and they hope the community will too.

“One of the greatest joys we get is probably watching people, you know, enjoy our food,” Herron said.

So if you’re looking to try their Midwestern BBQ here in Lone Star State, click here for their website.

“Every day is a good barbecue day,” Herron said.

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