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Daily double captain Fred Huber shows off a catch of yellowfin tuna. COURTESY PHOTO


From the start, Captain Fred Huber, from Point Loma, had to choose between going to a four-year college or going into sport fishing.

“As much as my mother wanted one of her five children to graduate from four years old, and I was her last chance – fishing just won,” admitted Huber, who since 2004 has operated fishing boats. sports car for rent from Point Loma. with his business partner Steve Peterson.

“Steve does the majority of the trips on the Mission Belle, and I do the majority of the Daily Double trips,” Huber said of their two boats, which have a maximum carrying capacity of 29 passengers.

Noting that “we do the majority of our business between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day,” Huber noted that sport fishing in San Diego “is a tourism-driven industry specializing in summer fishing with warmer waters ”.

Sport fishing offers six-hour (half-day), 12-hour (full day) and six-person (six-pack) excursion options. “The six-hour half-day trips are primarily tourists from other states like Arizona,” Huber said. “The next step is the full day, 12 hours, where the boats leave much further. There are also a very limited number of small private boats for hire.

As problematic as COVID is, Huber said he was quick to do something he and Peterson had been thinking about for some time with their business.

“The good thing about COVID for Steve and I was that we had talked about limiting the number of people on our boats,” Huber said, stressing, “which was hard to justify when you are successful. But with COVID requiring six feet of social distance and adding your rail space, this brought it down (capacity) to 24 passengers. “

Limiting capacity on board has proven to be both good and bad for sport fishing customers.

“We have significantly increased the price of our tickets,” said Huber while stressing that the less congested space “is better for the customer, a better experience in general”.

Renting a sport fishing boat is a good deal.

“It’s such a value,” Huber argued. “It’s such a competitive market. People have no idea what a buyer’s market is.

Noting that it costs about $ 70 per person on weekdays, $ 75 per person on weekends, to charter a sport fishing boat for six hours, Huber said that translates to “a little over $ 10 off. time to be on the ocean. It’s a great way to get outside. All boats are good and everyone who runs them is passionate about what they do.

Huber added that the daily price of a half-day fishing charter does not include fishing equipment or fishing license. “But that includes your bait and safe passage to and from the fishing grounds, as well as a lovely crew who are at your entire disposal,” he said.

Sport fishing has been described by Huber as a “high risk, high reward” proposition.

“We landed big fish,” he said. “We caught 187 and 205 pound bluefin tuna. It was on one of the guy’s bucket lists: catching a fish that weighs more than you. It would work for me.

A happy camper on the ocean, Huber is living his dream job managing sport fishing charters at Point Loma.

“I was told, ‘Once you find a job that you are passionate about and love, you don’t have to work a day in your life,'” he said. “For 31 years, I haven’t worked a single day in my life.

Recognizing that he interacts with nature on a daily basis and is passionate about fishing and the local coast, Huber concluded: I have been doing this my whole life and I feel blessed to be able to do it for a lifetime. “

As Labor Day approaches, Huber noted that “we are now slowing down towards the end of the season. All of our Arizona visitors go home.

Nonetheless, the skipper said he and his crew remained “customer oriented. How well we do our job is how well we take care of our employees. We are a service industry. We want to share what excites us with the people we have fishing and make them have a good time. When you catch fish and become a part of it… It’s almost a sacred place in a lot of our minds.

What advice does Huber have for those considering chartering a sport fishing boat?

“If people have never checked it out, they should try it,” he said.


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