Shanghai Coffee Industry Council launched, bean price index discussed


A Coffee Industry Council has been launched by the Shanghai International Chamber of Commerce to boost the development of the city’s coffee industry and unveil a coffee bean price index next year.

The new council aims to cooperate with associations, companies and other well-known organizations in the coffee industry, both at home and abroad, to facilitate trade, reduce costs and help coffee products. high quality to enter the Chinese market.

As the main trading platform of the Coffee Industry Board, the Shanghai PHQ Coffee Trade Center will soon release its coffee bean price index, possibly in the first half of next year, said Zhou Minhao, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. Shanghai international trade.

The PHQ Mall “will cover the entire industry chain from seed to cup and strive to become an influential coffee bean exchange in the world,” Zhou said.

The Coffee Industry Council will provide support with financing, coffee planting, sales, storage and logistics.

“The council will become a professional institution to promote the coffee trade and exchange different coffee cultures,” said Lei Miao, chairman of the new council.

China has become one of the biggest coffee consumers in the world. Coffee is no longer just a refreshment or anti-fatigue drink, but rather a way of life that many young Chinese people are fond of.

A recent survey showed that there were over 8,200 cafes in Shanghai at the end of October, making it the city with the most cafes in the world. Shanghai also has the highest per capita coffee consumption in China.


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