Some of West Virginia’s best soup beans are hiding in Charleston


Soup Beans and Cornbread – a simple yet flavorful dish that has become a favorite Appalachian comfort food for many. It’s a warming, filling meal that doesn’t break the bank. And you can find this popular dish on the menu of many local Mountain State restaurants, making it almost impossible to find the best bowl of pinto beans in West Virginia. Food Network thinks they did, with a steaming bowl of brown beans from The Grill in Charleston.

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You can find The Grill at 117 Washington Street West in Charleston, West Virginia. You can also find them on Facebook here, where you can see daily specials, hours of operation, and more. If you’re a regular at The Grill in Charleston, what’s your favorite order? Have you tried beans? The Corner Gas ‘n’ Grill in Pax, West Virginia, outside of Beckley’s, is another hole-in-the-wall treasure that serves a bowl of beans as a weekly special. Where else do you go to get a nice bowl of pintos and cornbread?

Address: The Grill, 117 W Washington St, Charleston, WV 25302, USA


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