Spill the beans on what coffee means for residents in lockdown



A freshly brewed cup of coffee is what many quarantined residents miss most.

Due to the latest COVID-19 outbreak in Shanghai, many sub-districts conducted screenings as residents were told to stay at home.

“I need coffee!” is the cry of a quarantined woman in Shanghai, which topped the list of hot topics on Weibo, a Twitter-like social platform in China.

Coffee culture has become firmly entrenched in Shanghai.

The city has the largest number of cafes in the world with nearly 7,000.

“I have no more stored coffee,” said a 29-year-old woman, surnamed Zhu, in quarantine on Minyan Road in Jing’an district.

“Usually I drink one or two cups of coffee a day,” she said. “Before quarantine, I was out of coffee and hadn’t had a fill. I really need a cup of coffee to wake me up. I can’t work without coffee.”

Spill the beans on what coffee means for residents in lockdown

Ti Gong

A resident, under closed-loop management, posts a coffee delivery on WeChat.

However, food deliverers help bring comforting coffee to residents.

“Although the number of customers coming for coffee has recently decreased, our online order numbers have increased,” said a coffee shop owner in Jing’an District.

“I ordered some vegetables online that haven’t been delivered to me yet,” said a woman, surnamed Cai, who lives in downtown Xujiahui.

“But my coffee arrived early, which is good because I can live without vegetables, not without coffee.”

Some expats in town also crave a cup of coffee, as morning coffee has become their way of life.

“Before, having a cup of coffee and a bagel in the morning at the cafe around the corner from my office building was my routine,” said a 30-year-old woman, originally from Australia and now living in Shanghai. She has been working from home since Monday.

“During this period, I received filter coffee sent by my friend, while I still miss my old coffee moment,” she added.

Students also miss the warm environments of cafes.

“I miss coffee in cafes so much because I can’t make the same type of coffee in my apartment,” said Shao Zhuang, a student at East China Normal University, which is closed due to the pandemic. “And I really enjoy the environment and the atmosphere of the various cafes in Shanghai, very relaxing.”

Spill the beans on what coffee means for residents in lockdown

Ma Xufeng / SHINE

Freshly brewed filter coffee.


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