Tahoe Fishing Charters Offer Fun and Successful Excursions


Whether you’ve grabbed a trophy in your day or never cast a line, it’s no surprise that fishing is one of the most invigorating activities on beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Being on the lake is instantly relaxing, but if you are looking to ensure a successful fishing trip at the most affordable cost, your best bet is to book a charter.

The area’s fishing charter experts know the proper bait, technique and locations for fishing in Lake Tahoe and Lake Donner, and have all the tools you need. No need to spend hundreds on a few fishing trips, they are there for you.

“I’m just as excited when a customer, especially a child, catches a fish, as I was when I was a kid,” said Gerald Scholl, owner and guide of Sierra Fin Addicts Fishing Charters at Incline Village. “The excitement, the enthusiasm has not changed.”

“People who charter should expect me to be relentlessly chasing the fish. I do not give up. I’m not going to give up on any charters – if I take people I expect them to catch fish, so I’m going to go to multiple places and try different techniques to be successful. »Danny SalvadorOwner of Reel-Lentless Fishing Charters

Scholl started fishing at the age of four with his godfather and still remembers the rainbow trout he caught at June Lake, which his mother kept in the freezer for him to bring back to everyone who came to visit him.

And his passion has certainly not wavered over the years.

“We get up at 3:30 am (in the morning) and usually go out at 5 pm – love it,” Scholl said. “There is nothing quite like being on Lake Tahoe for the sunrise; it’s so scenic and the best fishing is at dawn. ”

He says he was absolutely addicted to fishing from his first experience and now makes that same special experience available to everyone. Scholl encourages people to try out fishing charters to experience what it is like to truly live in the moment.

“We learn, catch fish, have a good conversation and are able to forget everything that is going on,” he said. “You don’t check your emails or care about the little things, there are no distractions and you really live in the moment.”


Fishing is a healthy pastime, and getting out on the water on Donner Lake is as breathtaking as Lake Tahoe. The lake is picturesque, offering a more relaxed atmosphere.

Shaun Rainsbarger runs Shaun’s guide service from Donner, not only inviting guests to his boat, but also offering to show people the ropes on their personal boat, so they can learn in a more natural way and be successful in the long run.

“There are fishermen who are wise, and when they want to learn a new body of water, they find the best performing guides in that area so they can imitate on their own boats,” said Rainsbarger.

A skilled fisherman himself, he also understands the importance of protecting the environment and is in favor of releasing trophy catches.

“Lake trout are very old; they grow very slowly, ”he said. “So when you get a 10 pound lake trout, it’s usually around 13 years old, and there are several reasons we release them: Mercury builds up in the fish, so you don’t want to eat the ones that have built up. all this time because it will also build up in your body. “

“The bigger fish, seven to 20 pounds, are successful breeders,” he added. “They’re the ones who are repopulating the lake, so when you take them out, you’re not just killing one fish, you’re killing hundreds or thousands.”

Catching and keeping the larger fish means that it will take another 10 to 15 years for the smaller ones to have time to grow. The experienced local fishermen want to ensure that future generations can also get a nice big catch.


Another fishing expert, Danny Salvador, owner of Carnelian Bay-based Reel-Lentless Fishing Charters on Tahoe’s north coast, says his company name reflects his passion for the sport.

“People going out on a charter should expect me to relentlessly pursue the fish,” he said. ” I do not give up. I’m not going to give up on any charters – if I take people out I expect them to catch fish, so I’m going to go to multiple places and try different techniques to be successful.

“It really depresses me when the guides stay in a place that isn’t working. I like to try to find the active fish.

Salvador dreamed of running his fishing charter for much of his adult life. He once worked on restoring wooden boats, but remembers thinking they would make great fishing boats. He now invites his customers to share his passion and live successful fishing experiences because he refuses to settle for less.

These three fishing charter experts echoed the same sentiment: Fishing in Lake Tahoe is tough, especially along the shore. Their goal is to keep people from getting discouraged on unsuccessful fishing trips by teaching them the ropes.

“A lot of my clients want to learn to jig or hang out on the lake,” Salvador said. “I show them exactly what I use, what works and what is successful. There are a bunch of different methods. By spending time doing this, they understand and begin to recognize what fish like.

Experiencing a Lake Tahoe or Donner Lake Fishing Charter is the best way to learn the technique and become a successful fisherman, not to mention spending time with some pretty awesome locals who love the outdoors. and the lake as much as you.

Cassandra Walker is a reporting and entertainment reporter for the Sierra Sun. She can be reached at [email protected], 530-550-2654 or @ snow1cass.


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