Thanks to Judge Bean for his service on and off the bench


Chattanooga City Court Judge Russell Bean will leave the bench at the end of his current term. I don’t think our community realizes its value. If you could follow Judge Bean during the week and weekends, you’d find him at many community events, visiting sick friends in the hospital, and going to funeral visitations. He even likes to eat with his entertainer friends.

Judge Bean loves Hamilton County and Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has helped so many people off the bench turn their lives around.

We were having lunch several years ago and a lady came to our table to thank Judge Bean for helping a relative find a job. Judge Bean is active at Red Bank Baptist Church and even wrote a book about his Sunday School class.

Justice Bean is a strong supporter of the Police and Fire Services Forgotten Children Fund. When I was on the board and we needed community support, he and his lawyer friends came to our rescue.

Judge Bean has been a supporter of Red Bank High School football for years and attends as many games as possible. He even has a special friend he takes to those grilling contests. This person with special needs couldn’t go if it weren’t for Judge Bean. He is a UT and UTC sports enthusiast. When he has time, you might see him on the sidelines.

Judge Bean recently participated in the Red Bank Christmas Parade with announcement duties.

Judge Bean, we thank you for your service in and out of the courtroom. I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Yes, we have something in common, we both like to eat.

Count Freudenberg


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