The Reason You Should Use Fresh Beans for Chili


Gone are the days when overly soft beans became the textural focal point of a chili dish. Fresh beans, on the other hand, don’t change much throughout the cooking process, as they maintain their shape and firm texture (according to Taste of Home), which allows for a better contrasting bite.

Aside from cheaper costs and better health benefits, fresh beans also act like a sponge, soaking up those delicious chili flavors much better than their canned counterpart, via HuffPost. Taste of Home agrees with this, as they state that fresh beans like to soak in a brine mixture of water and salt. This helps them cook faster and become softer (but not mushy), as noted by The Bean Institute.

And speaking of flavors, Camellia Beans states that canned beans are high in sodium, which makes them too salty for some people. They go on to explain that canned beans can also impart unpleasant metallic notes to your recipes and lack that “depth of flavor” that makes fresh beans so special.

It’s so easy to throw canned red or pinto beans into a pot of chili, but for more tender, better-tasting beans, try replacing the fresh beans with canned beans. Your chili recipe will definitely thank you for your wise choice.


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