The weather change is great for fishing charters


WITH the Build-up underway, the Top End will experience periods of calm weather conducive to long-distance sailing

WITH the Build-up underway, the Top End will experience periods of calm weather conducive to long-distance sailing.

Fishing from remote coastal rock outcrops for large saltwater barramundi is a great option at this time.

Another opportunity is to take a multi-day excursion on a large charter boat to the shallows of the Tiwi Islands.

Of the fishing experiences I have had in the territory, the great trips almost halfway to Indonesia were the most memorable due to the size and variety of the fish caught.

The mix of species closely resembles the Great Barrier Reef, with footballing trout, red bass, red emperors, nannygai, various species of jobfish and cod, red trevally, the strange wahoo and an assortment of other colored ooglia.

There is also the possibility of billfish, and large Spanish mackerel are ubiquitous.

During construction, larger lots are often like glass, unaffected by earth breezes.

If you can’t escape on such a trip, don’t despair, as Darwin Harbor, Shoal Bay, and Bynoe Harbor will soon come alive with the best barramundi fishing of the year.

And if you haven’t tried night fishing, now is a great time to start.

Barramundi and reef fish bite well at night, and it’s a cooler time to fish.



The billabongs and calm saltwater spots are worth trying overnight for the night, while the harbor wrecks and reefs will produce golden snapper and Jewish fish.

With the launch of Million Dollar Fish in October, now is a good time to start working on your Barramundi skills.

Ronald Voukolos of Fishing and Outdoor World said the fishing over the past fortnight has been very good.

“The local salt water barra reports have been very good,” he said.

“The TEB competition at Bynoe Harbor was very good, they had a lot of fish and even a big barra on the troll.

“There has been a bunch of barra seen on apartments in Darwin Harbor.

“Dave Gregory reported seeing dozens of barra on the harbor apartments, but he was only able to catch three fish – when those fish light up it will be an amazing catch.

“A lot has happened in Shoal Bay, there have been loads of fish caught by the lockdown crews at low tide, there have also been reports from King Creek and Meckit Creek, with solid fish. of 70 cm and 80 cm.

“The mackerel was a little calm, George Voukolos Sr was with Pete Zeroni and they did it pretty hard around the Vernon Islands until last place, when they tagged fish. There are still good captured Jews around Dundee. A guy picked up a fat Jew from a wreck in the harbor, the fish looked about 120cm. Quality mud crabs have been caught at Leaders Creek.

“I saw a picture of Grant Edwards with a tall ship from Dundee Wide.

“A companion returned to the River Adelaide after having had a good run on the last naps on the Wilshire streams, there have already been good reports from there.

“Adrian Koenig of Woolianna on the Daly had a big headache the night.”

Steve Compain of Top End Tackle World said offshore charters have been busy. “There are a lot of fish around, it has been an exceptional year,” he said.

“Even half-day charters just outside Darwin have their baggage limits in Jews and snappers.

“My son Shane did two days for Tynan Bartolo Male Party and got a few sailboats and a bunch of big reds and other fish a long way from Lorna Shoals.

“We have good conditions offshore, it is just starting to warm up now.

“There have been a lot of big gold band snappers on the wider grounds, normally these fish weigh around 2kg but the charter boat recently picked them up around 10kg, and in the same places they usually fish, it seems. have a lot of bigger fish this year.

“I still haven’t caught a snapper there, it’s still on my list, we kept looking for them in the water around 200m deep, and we had a lot of ruby ​​snapper, but we didn’t still haven’t found a snapper. We still haven’t landed any big dogtooth tuna there either, we hooked them up but they’re running away. On the barra stage, the heaviest tides were good at Cahills Crossing on the East Alligator River. There are mostly small fish reported in billabongs, many juvenile barra. He should really start to warm up by now.

“It’s been a reasonable year for crabs around Darwin, not a huge year, but there have been a lot of good crabs nonetheless.”

Trevor Robb of Craig’s Fishing Warehouse said the billabongs were a bit quieter last week.

“In the salt water Bynoe Harbor fished really well and The Rock at Shoal Bay was good all around and during the day too,” he said.

The mouth of the Adelaide River has been going well with dead tides and tides developing from dead tides, people use vibrations and catch 20-40 barra per day up to the 70cm mark when it fires.

Numerous crabs were also caught at the mouth of the Adelaide River.

“The reef fish have taken a good bite out of Dundee’s front. Closer to Darwin, there are some pelagics around.

Meanwhile, if you didn’t already know, the first of the NT’s new fish attracting devices (FADs) was installed off Dundee last week.

It was located about 20 km offshore Dundee in waters nearly 30 m deep.

NT Amateur Fishermen’s Association (AFANT) general manager David Ciaravolo said the device would attract tuna, trevally, queen fish, mackerel and billfish.

This device is the first of five to be placed outside the Top End at a cost of $ 90,000.

From the surface, the fishos will see a yellow maker but below, attached to the chain, will hang plastic banners.

Primary Industry and Resources Minister Ken Vowles said the FADs were part of a $ 50 million investment in recreational fishing in the Northwest Territories.

“The first one came out in Dundee and we just want to test it, we’ve got four more to go and it’s not locked up where they’re going to go,” he said.

“We will listen to AFANT and recreational fishermen where others go. “

Once enough fish have gathered at the site, the contact details will be made public.


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