The world’s largest sport fishing superyacht by Royal Huisman nears launch


The most epic fishing vessel is now about to be completed.

Royal Huisman’s Project 406 is set to be the largest sport fishing superyacht in the world, as she will be 171 feet long and feature six decks. From stern to bow, Project 406 will have plenty of amenities that will allow her guests to have the most amazing fishing trips possible. Now, Royal Huisman has announced that the installation of the superyacht’s superstructure in the hull is complete. From there, the shipyard will begin fitting out the four remaining bridges. As for an estimated completion date, the shipyard notes that it will launch in 2023.

If you’ve been near a marina, you’ve more than likely seen sport fishing yachts, but none of them have been like Project 406. Not only is this superyacht massive in size, it’s packed with also phenomenal characteristics that define it. apart from the others. Some elements that have been revealed that are worth noting include the huge Sky Lounge and the most epic battle chair. At this time, Royal Huisman has not revealed much about the other features found on board Project 406, but you can check back with us in the future for more information as it is revealed. .

Royal Huisman Project 406 1



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