We pitted Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons branded baked beans against the power of Heinz and found a surprise winner – Ivan Morris Poxton


Baked beans – this easy dish to spread on toast in the morning, or the perfect accompaniment to cooked meats like sausages and bacon.

But what if there are so many different brands of baked beans vying for our attention in the supermarket aisles? The answer was simple, task this reporter with trying five different varieties in one week to decide which brand of baked beans is the best.

We’ve tried tins of baked beans from Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and the UK’s best-selling brand Heinz, so you can be sure you’ve got the best possible topping for a lightly burnt toast .

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A single piece of well-done to lightly burnt toast was used as a control variable as a constant aid in eating the beans.

All cans of baked beans were unsalted versions and microwaved according to label instructions.

Below are my uncensored thoughts on each, in the order I tried them and supplemented with pricing information.


Asda’s much redder baked beans.

Asda brand baked beans in a 210g can came in at 25p.

I didn’t really notice at the time, but these beans had a much brighter red color than any of the other brands I tested.

Aesthetically, the most pleasing to the eye.

These beans were immediately put on the back foot when I removed the top of the can after using a can opener cut my thumb. So an immediate note for the vampiric qualities of the box, when I thought the top of the box had already been defeated.

Unfortunately, the beans absolutely failed to salvage the already perilous situation as they really weren’t that tasty to me.

A blandness that made them instantly forgettable.



You could
You could ‘taste the difference’ with Sainsbury’s beans

Sainsbury’s 200g beans required a bit more coin splash than Asda’s, priced at 35p from a local Sainsbury’s store.

“Taste the difference” is the much used refrain and fair play of this supermarket chain, I did.

A worthy effort, with beans that tasted and not just the tomato sauce.

Alas, where those beans fell down the class was on the tin design. The can had a can opener and it broke instantly without any part of the top peeling off, or under much pressure.

The top was also sealed in a way that prevented the proper use of a can opener.

After managing to pry a small opening open with a can opener, I had to resort to using a paring knife to free the beans from their imprisonment.

Still, at least I didn’t cut myself anymore.



The most pretentious <a class=beans – Tesco. Failed to impress in the absence of toast accompaniment.” content=”https://i2-prod.hulldailymail.co.uk/incoming/article6562681.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/1_TescoBakedBeans-4jpeg.jpg”/>
The most pretentious beans – Tesco. Failed to impress in the absence of toast accompaniment.

I bought a 420g tin of baked beans from Tesco for 32p so very good value. The supermarket also sells a 220g version for 25p.

I thought these were the pretentious beans.

As already mentioned, I had a single slice of well done to lightly burnt toast to go with all the bean taste trials.

Along with the toast, the Tesco beans held their own and had just the right level of tomato sauce to achieve decent, but not outrageous, bread saturation levels.

But when the toast was gone and only beans and sauce remained, the taste was noticeably less appealing in a stark contrast that I didn’t experience with any of the other brands.

I wouldn’t eat a box of these trash cans alone.



The Heinz tomato bean sauce tasted noticeably sweeter.
The Heinz tomato bean sauce tasted noticeably sweeter.

Heinz was by far the most expensive box of bins, priced at £1 for the 415g box.

The box has the prettiest design though.

And they were very pleasant beans, with a distinctly sweeter taste also for the tomato sauce in which they were bathed.

Not much to say here, a quality can of beans.



Morrisons baked beans had less sauce, but were delicious.
Morrisons baked beans had less sauce, but were delicious.

I had to wait the longest for that can of beans, unable to get them myself and dependent on my roommate’s help. The toast side dish was probably the least useful for all the bean contenders, as I burned it more than I would have liked.

I thought there was also less sauce to these beans.

Still, the humble 220g tin of Morrisons baked beans, priced at 35 pence and against all odds, takes the crown as the best of the baked bean brands I’ve tried.

It was just as delicious as rival competitor Heinz and I was disappointed when I mopped up the last bean.

Extra credit is also given to this brand over Heinz, purely because of the better value for money.


General verdict:

Morrison: 8/10

Heinz: 7/10

Sainsbury’s: 6/10

Tesco: 5/10

Asda: 4/10

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So there you have it, a suggested answer to the question that undoubtedly keeps many readers up at night – which of the major brands of baked beans and Heinz is the best?

The answer: Morrisons, with Heinz a close runner-up.

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