Why could this actually happen


When most of us were watching the characters of Among us, we probably thought something like “Ha beans funny” and then forgot about it. But here’s the problem: we know that the grains of Among us are humans (I’ll explain why in a second). Assuming humanity doesn’t destroy itself first, Among us could become a reality.

First of all, just for you skeptics who think astronauts aren’t humans, let me explain why they are, just at an advanced stage of evolution. First, the human mark variations, most notably in the vending machine on the “MIRA HQ” map.

Variations of human brands can be seen inside the machine, such as Mountain Dew (Don Dew), an energy drink likely based on Gatorade, and Starbucks canned coffee. This is the most obvious example, and I cannot name them all, but suffice it to say that they are humans. If we can’t agree on that, well, you’re going to have a hard time with the rest of the article.

Now let’s move on to the beans themselves. We know from the “Medbay Scan” task on all three cards that they are three feet and six inches tall and weigh only 92 pounds. Just for reference, the average 14 year old in the United States weighs between 105 and 112 pounds, so assuming they are fully grown adults, they are very light. But that’s actually no surprise. If you have any semblance of an interest in space, you probably know that spending long periods of time in reduced or 0G environments causes problems with muscle mass and bone strength. Astronauts on the International Space Station need to exercise frequently. In the future, when we colonize places like the Moon and Mars, exercise equipment like treadmills and weights will be part of the gear given to them to survive. They will need to use these things daily to stop the breakdown of bones and muscles.

As you can imagine, this whole exercise takes time. It would therefore make sense for Space Exploration Operations (SEO) to select people who are lighter, smaller and overall smaller, as they need less exercise, so they can devote more time to other tasks. , like the ones you do on board. The Skeld, Mira’s HQand Polus. SEOs have another reason to select smaller astronauts: they are lighter.

Space travel – and in particular space exploration – is very difficult, very expensive and very dangerous. Kurzgesagt (A German science and political news YouTube channel) said it well: “Going to space is difficult. Right now it’s like riding a unicycle up a mountain with a backpack full of explosives. Incredibly slow, you can’t carry much stuff and you could die. Not a pretty picture. The more stuff you have to put on a spaceship, the heavier it becomes and the more propulsion you have to add, increasing the expense of the operation. It gets even more expensive when you add humans to the mix. If one system fails during launch, the entire crew will most likely die, as in the Apollo 1 tragedy (January 27, 1967) or the Challenger disaster (January 28, 1986). Extra safeties and precautions must be taken to maximize the chances of a safe launch and return flight for the crew. This of course means more weight, more propulsion and more money. Lighter and smaller astronauts mean less space is needed to accommodate them in the spacecraft, and three astronauts weighing 92 pounds is much less than 3 astronauts weighing 113 pounds. 63 pounds lighter can make a lot more difference than you think. There’s also the fact that shorter people eat less because their bodies don’t need as much fuel as taller people. This would reduce the amount of food resources for longer term missions, for example, The Skelds trip to Mira’s HQ then to Polus.

So this is it. Smaller, lighter and cheaper astronauts are the future. Most, if not all, people living in the present moment will not see it. The most we can see in our natural lives is the beginning of the colonization of Mars, but hey, if we explore our solar system and colonize planets, we might be able to hibernate artificially (a technology supposed to be absolutely necessary for interstellar exploration and colonization) and extend our lifespan to see the days when everyone is 3’6″ and you are giant.


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